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Google Earth and Privacy

Google has been using their Google street car to map out the streets of major cities in order to update Google Earth. Unfortunately, Swiss officials are against Google showing people who don’t want to be shown. When the car passes by, it records everything that is happening at that moment on the street. It could be invading people’s privacy by taking a video of people when they are not aware themselves. Some people have also said that the car is relatively easy to miss. The main reason Swiss was against this was because the people in their country have control over the use of their own images. Since Google only blurs out the faces and license plates, the people who do not want to be shows have control over whether or not they want to appear. It definitely seems like an invasion of privacy especially if people are unaware the car is nearby, but if people became aware of the car, then their actions would most likely change as well which means that Google Earth will not have an accurate representation of the street photo. These street photos allow us to take a look at the natural lives of people in other countries that we have never seen, to be within the streets of a major town that we have never been to.


3-D Laser Mapping

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Navteq 3-D Laser Mapping

Right now Navteq is beginning to collect data to create detailed 3-D models and maps of the US. This new device uses it’s 64 lasers to create 3D maps by using data points. The lasers can capture about 1.5million points per second and can catch it as far as 150 meters away and even works at high speeds, such as on the highway. These people are hoping to give people on foot and cars a better understanding of the graphical area. The 3D mapping not only tells you where you are, but also tells you slope as well as the road curvature. This may help people when they are looking at online maps, or even just help people who are already there if they need to know something about how steep a certain part of the road is.

Growth of Charlotte

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Metropolis is a video of the growth of Charlotte, North Carolina. The entire video is 9 minutes long, but this is the last 3 minutes since the beginning was only a slideshow of photos. The last 3 minutes show how the city has changed within 20 years. It is a completely different experience to see it being played out this way because you actually see how the city changes, what is build, what is torn down, what is moved, you can see the entire landscape changing. People can tell you all they want about what was built where and how the city was before, but by seeing this, you are effectively comparing the city it was to the city it is now, 1 small piece at a time and therefore you’re able to see each and every change that was made on the city and how it developed.

GoogleEarth and the Environment

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GoogleEarth and the Environment

Google Earth’s uses just keep expending and increasing. It is now being used to show people the top 100 endangered species, where they live, and what threats they are facing right now. By using the high powered satellites people are able to just click and zoom to see the species and its habitat. This will allow people to become more aware of the fact that endangered species are there and that the actions of humans could further endanger them. The other interesting thing is deforestation. People are not too concerned about it, but according to him, you are able to clearly see borders between countries due to the fact of deforestation, which shows that we may be cutting down too many trees if boundaries are able to become clear between countries.

Late Night Gaming Ban

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In South Korea, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has incorporated a 6 hour black out period where teenagers can not play certain games on the internet. It seems that many of the students and children have been hooked on late night gaming marathons and have been completely addicted to the internet. The fact that they need this ban shows how much of a problem it is for children to be on the internet. Their real lives are ignored just for a virtual one. There was also the case of a Korean couple neglecting their real baby in favor of the virtual one they had, resulting in his death. The virtual world has really gone under major development and improvments, so much that people are favoring it instead of reality. I think this ban may be for the best so that people at least still interact with one another face to face instead of online as well as allow people to care about their real and personal life instead of the virtual and fake one they have online.

Lost City of Lizard People

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Lost City of Lizard People

This article was very interesting in how a geophysicist engineer used a radio x-ray device and found a series of caves and tunnels under Los Angeles. Of course, this was never found and deemed a hoax. It seems interesting how easily people were able to believe that such places exist, even when none were found. Also, his device, the radio x-ray, seems very odd in that it was able to map out that entire pattern of caves and tunnels by using sound or something. He was also able to label all of the rooms and describe how it even looked like a lizard. He believed so much in this work that he was able to see the picture of a lizard and try to convince other people of it. This doesn’t seem uncommon nowadays since people have made several artistic works from maps of countries.


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PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is working to make the world a better place for animals. They protest cruelty to animals, use of animals in homes, entertainment, food, clothing, as well as testing. They protested the use of animals in clothing by going naked. They actively try to get the word of PETA out via social gatherings, social networking, bumper stickers, etc. They also encourage parents to teach their children how to treat animals early on. They bring animal abuse into the open so that authorities will be able to deal with it. I think this is very useful because first it encourages people to treat all living things with respect as well as bring the anime abuse that is going on behind the scences into the light so authorities can take action.

There seems to be an increase in online activism since more peoplle have had access to technology. It’s much easier to communnicate and organize events by sending 1 email instead of people trying to call and reach each other person. This is the same for fundraising as well. Instead of everyone getting together, being able to talk online with everyone at the same time may seem easier to people. It seems that online activism may have more participation than real life, but this is only to organize people and build a community. When the real event shows up, people will still participate because only being active online does not get anywhere.