Google Earth and Privacy

Google has been using their Google street car to map out the streets of major cities in order to update Google Earth. Unfortunately, Swiss officials are against Google showing people who don’t want to be shown. When the car passes by, it records everything that is happening at that moment on the street. It could be invading people’s privacy by taking a video of people when they are not aware themselves. Some people have also said that the car is relatively easy to miss. The main reason Swiss was against this was because the people in their country have control over the use of their own images. Since Google only blurs out the faces and license plates, the people who do not want to be shows have control over whether or not they want to appear. It definitely seems like an invasion of privacy especially if people are unaware the car is nearby, but if people became aware of the car, then their actions would most likely change as well which means that Google Earth will not have an accurate representation of the street photo. These street photos allow us to take a look at the natural lives of people in other countries that we have never seen, to be within the streets of a major town that we have never been to.


~ by shao4 on May 7, 2010.

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