Lost City of Lizard People

Lost City of Lizard People

This article was very interesting in how a geophysicist engineer used a radio x-ray device and found a series of caves and tunnels under Los Angeles. Of course, this was never found and deemed a hoax. It seems interesting how easily people were able to believe that such places exist, even when none were found. Also, his device, the radio x-ray, seems very odd in that it was able to map out that entire pattern of caves and tunnels by using sound or something. He was also able to label all of the rooms and describe how it even looked like a lizard. He believed so much in this work that he was able to see the picture of a lizard and try to convince other people of it. This doesn’t seem uncommon nowadays since people have made several artistic works from maps of countries.


~ by shao4 on May 7, 2010.

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