Late Night Gaming Ban

In South Korea, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has incorporated a 6 hour black out period where teenagers can not play certain games on the internet. It seems that many of the students and children have been hooked on late night gaming marathons and have been completely addicted to the internet. The fact that they need this ban shows how much of a problem it is for children to be on the internet. Their real lives are ignored just for a virtual one. There was also the case of a Korean couple neglecting their real baby in favor of the virtual one they had, resulting in his death. The virtual world has really gone under major development and improvments, so much that people are favoring it instead of reality. I think this ban may be for the best so that people at least still interact with one another face to face instead of online as well as allow people to care about their real and personal life instead of the virtual and fake one they have online.


~ by shao4 on May 7, 2010.

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