Green Maps

It seems that there was an abundance of icons involving sustainable living, and within that, most of the icons represent bike parking spaces. The least used icons seemed to be those associated with business facilities and museums. Since this is a college, there should not be too many of those around to begin with. There are many icons that are very important to the green map, but I think that recycling and bike parking seems to be the most important. The recycling reduces the amount of trash and litter while the bike spots reduce people having to resort to using a car to commute, therefore causing air pollution. As for the least useful icons, the museums are the least useful in my opinion since they don’t do as much as the other icons in keeping the campus green. At a glance, it seems that the map is crowded with icons, but all the icons are very useful in determining the green places around campus, but it can be toned down a little bit so that people are able to get an overall picture instead of having to see a big clutter of spots in one area.

The quad, south quad, and engineering quad seems to have the most hits. This is mostly due to the fact that everyone needs to go to those areas for classes instead of arbitrary roads and streets that don’t contain the main buildings and facilities we use.  There is a lot of places that were missed, such as the smaller roads and streets, especially the areas around the quad and south quad. This is probably because there isn’t as much commotion or people there since there’s just houses and apartments for people to live there. The quad is far more populated in terms of people.

Indiana Map

Madison by Bike/Foot

Detroit Metro

Looking at all the other maps, the Madison and Detroit maps are the most similar to ours, although Madison has a lot more local food options than we do and Detroit has a lot more organic supermarkets and local businesses than we do. Indiana doesn’t have a lot of sites,  but they have a very large amount of community gardens within it. Ours is fine, but I feel that the Madison and Detroit are easier to look at because they don’t have a large amount of icons cluttering up one area of the map, which makes it harder to read than the others, and if you want to zoom in and get a better look, you’ll be excluding some of the areas that are not within that are, therefore not being able to see the big picture.

Our map should try to expand gradually so that it not only circles the quad. Also, the icons should be further apart or there should be fewer icons because having that many in the quad just clutters the map and makes it hard to read. By zooming in the get a better view of the quad, we lose the ability to see the map as a whole, and therefore not being able to see the big picture.


~ by shao4 on April 23, 2010.

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