Green Maps

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It seems that there was an abundance of icons involving sustainable living, and within that, most of the icons represent bike parking spaces. The least used icons seemed to be those associated with business facilities and museums. Since this is a college, there should not be too many of those around to begin with. There are many icons that are very important to the green map, but I think that recycling and bike parking seems to be the most important. The recycling reduces the amount of trash and litter while the bike spots reduce people having to resort to using a car to commute, therefore causing air pollution. As for the least useful icons, the museums are the least useful in my opinion since they don’t do as much as the other icons in keeping the campus green. At a glance, it seems that the map is crowded with icons, but all the icons are very useful in determining the green places around campus, but it can be toned down a little bit so that people are able to get an overall picture instead of having to see a big clutter of spots in one area.

The quad, south quad, and engineering quad seems to have the most hits. This is mostly due to the fact that everyone needs to go to those areas for classes instead of arbitrary roads and streets that don’t contain the main buildings and facilities we use.  There is a lot of places that were missed, such as the smaller roads and streets, especially the areas around the quad and south quad. This is probably because there isn’t as much commotion or people there since there’s just houses and apartments for people to live there. The quad is far more populated in terms of people.

Indiana Map

Madison by Bike/Foot

Detroit Metro

Looking at all the other maps, the Madison and Detroit maps are the most similar to ours, although Madison has a lot more local food options than we do and Detroit has a lot more organic supermarkets and local businesses than we do. Indiana doesn’t have a lot of sites,  but they have a very large amount of community gardens within it. Ours is fine, but I feel that the Madison and Detroit are easier to look at because they don’t have a large amount of icons cluttering up one area of the map, which makes it harder to read than the others, and if you want to zoom in and get a better look, you’ll be excluding some of the areas that are not within that are, therefore not being able to see the big picture.

Our map should try to expand gradually so that it not only circles the quad. Also, the icons should be further apart or there should be fewer icons because having that many in the quad just clutters the map and makes it hard to read. By zooming in the get a better view of the quad, we lose the ability to see the map as a whole, and therefore not being able to see the big picture.


Cell Phone Use While Driving

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Traffic accidents have always been a problem, especially with alcohol, but now there is another issue with driving, cell phones. People have been using their cell phones while driving in order to keep a conversation going with someone else. This can lead to many accidents since the driver will be multitasking while talking on the phone, not to mention using only 1 hand, and if he’s texting, he won’t be even looking at the road while he’s driving. This was why a new law was passed regarding the usage of cell phones while driving. Many states have already prohibited the use of cell phones without a headset while driving. Some states have just outright banned the use of cell phones while driving, others have limited it to a specific age group.

Most of the different viewpoints on the topic mostly concern the rule with distracted driving. Many of the people who are with the law say that people are not able to multitask small things, much less drive a car along with doing other things, including cell phone usage. A cell phone occupies one hand, or occupies some of your attention, or hinders your vision as you are looking at it or cocking your head to lock it in place in your shoulder. These people feel that the drivers who are using cell phones are dangerous on the road. Many innocent lives have been taken due to a driver being distracted on their cell phones.

The people who are against law think that many other things that people do in the car are also a distraction such as drinking, eating, tuning the radio, etc. People have and are doing many things while driving including smoking, shaving, applying makeup, reading a newspaper, etc, and sometimes even simultaneously. They feel that cell phone usage is not the only and certainly not the least distracting thing a driver can be doing, but all the other actions are still legal while cell phone usage is banned. The people feel that passing a law to ban cell phone usage will not stop the problem since there are many more things that can be just as distracting as a cell phone.

Personally, I think it was a good idea to ban the usage of cell phones while on the road. I’ve seen many cars just run through stop signs while I’m almost about to cross, and even a bus driver who missed my stop because he was too busy talking on the phone. Cell phones are definitely not the only thing that can distract a person while driving, but it is one of the most common since people will want to continue a conversation or take an important call either from work or from home. This is one step in the right direction of preventing some of the accidents that can happen on the road.

Cell Phones

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Cellphones becoming a necessity

Using phones to purchase

Phones as video games

Children and cellphones

Cellphones as a part of our everyday lives

Everyone is familiar with the device known as a cell phone. Also known as a mobile phone, the cell phone has slowly incorporated itself into everyone’s everyday lives. To explain what a cell phone is, we must first go back to what a phone is. A telephone is a device that transmits and receives sound, mostly human voices, over a distance so that communication between two people at a distance would be made much more efficient. A cell phone takes that to the next level. At first, cell phones were used as a mobile phone, basically a telephone you could use on the go, without being restricted to within your house or by wires.  The cell phone eliminated the restrictions on the modern telephone by allowing people to make the telephone portable, but now it has grown into so much more.

The cell phone as evolved a lot since it was first introduced. The first models were very bulky and large, nowadays they are significantly smaller and compact. Before, they were only used for the sole purpose of calling people as well as receiving calls. Now, cell phones are flooded with technology. There is texting, internet, emailing, music, videos, games, touchscreen, and much more. People are now relying on the cell phone even more than ever. Since the cell phones have become much smaller and cheaper now, this means that people are better connected with each other since more people now have cell phones. Calling people may become an inconvenience, but the cell phones are not just limited to the abilities of a telephone. The cell phone is also capable of texting and connecting to the internet. By being able to connect to the internet everywhere, people will constantly be connected to information as well as to their emails and other people. They can also purchase merchandise online by using their phones. The other thing, text messaging, also keeps people connected. Text messaging are brief messages that are passed between people using their phones. Nowadays images, videos, and sounds can also be incorporated into a “text” message. So basically people are able to have conversations with others throughout the day without having to stop what they are doing in order to continue the conversation.

The number of people who use cell phones have increased dramatically. Children, job seekers, and businessmen all use it. One of the main reasons children first get a cell phone is in case of an emergency. It helps assure the parents that the child is able to get a hold of them in case of an emergency. From there it grows. The children start using it for apps, for texting, for games, even internet. One of the main dangers of children using the cell phone for those purposes is that they are able to rack up a huge phone bill without even realizing they are doing it. As children become more accustom to the uses of a cell phone, the harder it is to let it go at a later age. Many jobseekers and businessmen use cell phones with internet capabilities. One woman claimed so got her phone solely for job searching so she is able to stay in contact with whichever company she applied for the moment they contacted her instead of waiting until she got home. One businessman states that he feels he is basically carrying a mini computer in his pocket that he can use for anything. There are also dangers to how addicting and how useful the cell phone has become. People now tend to multitask more, while they are walking, driving, or working. This causes many problems, especially if people are not able to pay attention to their surroundings.

Cell phones have come a long way since they were first introduced. Cell phones were convenient since it removed the restrictions telephones had on us by making it portable. It has come to incorporate text messaging, internet, video, camera, games, emailing, and more. People are now able to purchase merchandise online, check the weather, check their location via GPS, even message their friends in other states. People now have become much more connected due to the cell phones, but they are also immersing themselves more and more into the cell phone. Some people are unable to function without it, it has become a necessity for some people while years before it was only owned by some.

One of the things that came up in our group discussion was how a product was made in order to please the customers. For example Microsoft and Apple both of different ways of marketing their products. Microsoft tries to spread out to their audience while Apple relies on their loyal customers. It was only a brief period of time after Apple came out with iPods that they became an instant hit. Cell phones have also been growing once people saw the use for them. It seems like as long the product makes its way out into society, the product will have the potential to become the next big thing, which will then see it’s way into everyone’s everyday lives.

Flight Simulation

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The flight simulation lab consisted of what was suppose to be in the cockpit of a plane, along with room for the pilot and co pilot. The image was projected onto 3 screens that were slightly tilted to make it look more realistic. One way this simulator can be used is to test the reflexes of pilots or how they control the plane under pressure or in specific situations. The plane alerts the pilot when it is in danger and the pilot will be able to respond to it. This is much easier and safer then letting them onto a real plane and trying to get the same test done. It offers an almost realistic experience of piloting a plane.

I’ve had another flight simulator experience in the past before, but this one definitely had a lot more to offer. First off was the screen. I did it on a computer, which is far different from it being projected on 3 screens. Flying was pretty much the same thing, just with a lot more buttons and options. The copilot was different as well, it was odd to have someone try and pilot the plane in a different direction than I wanted it to go.


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We used a GPS system in order to locate and mark the locations of certain things for a green map, such as bike paths, recycling, and local businesses. While the mapping was quite enjoyable, there were so many things to map, as well as where we should be mapping. Some things are quite hard to map due to where they are located and how big of an area it took up. If we found a bike path, we can’t keep marking it all the way down, we just marked one point of it, so it’s not entirely an accurate depiction of the bike path. If we found a bike parking area, there was no way to mark the entire area, only stand in the center and mark that one location, which again does not accurately place the parking lot in relation to how much space it takes up.

Costco Stores in IL, IN, and OH

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Costco Stores in IL, IN and OH

I decided to map out the location of all the Costco stores within 3 states, IL, IN, and OH. This map shows the locations of all of the Costco states within the 3 states. It seems that all of the stores within IL are concetrated in 1 area, while the few in IN and OH are either by themselves or clumped with 1 or more stores. There wasn’t much problem getting the addresses and mapping them with the website.

Geocoding seems like it can be very useful for many big companies. These companies would be able to map their store locations to see if they need another store in a barren area, or if the stores they have are too close together and need to be spread out more. By using this, companies would be able to expand their stores and businesses far and wide, trying to cover as much area as possible so that people are able to have access to the stores when needed. Similarly, it can be used to place firetrucks and hospitals where there are none or in places where people are far away from the closest one so that in case of an emergency, they are able to reach those people in need of help.

US Heart Disease Maps

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I chose to map the number of deaths by heart disease by State in the US. This information can be very useful if there is a sudden peak of heart disease in a certain area in the United States, we can track it and see if there is a specific cause for it. The information for these maps were taken from The Disaster Center website. It seems to be pretty reliable and updated, so this date should be accurate to a certain extent.

There are 2 maps attached, the first one shows death by heart disease with just different colors to show the different numbers of deaths. The second one shows the same data, but with a different type of map. With this map, it shows how many deaths there are and raises or lowers the state due to their number compared to other states. The taller states have more deaths while the lower states have less deaths. The first one could be used to see which part of the US has more deaths by heart disease than the others. The second one can be used to tell how much more deaths there are in a certain state than the other, it puts it in a very good perspective by making the states taller or shorter depending on how many deaths they have.