Cell Phone Use While Driving

Traffic accidents have always been a problem, especially with alcohol, but now there is another issue with driving, cell phones. People have been using their cell phones while driving in order to keep a conversation going with someone else. This can lead to many accidents since the driver will be multitasking while talking on the phone, not to mention using only 1 hand, and if he’s texting, he won’t be even looking at the road while he’s driving. This was why a new law was passed regarding the usage of cell phones while driving. Many states have already prohibited the use of cell phones without a headset while driving. Some states have just outright banned the use of cell phones while driving, others have limited it to a specific age group.

Most of the different viewpoints on the topic mostly concern the rule with distracted driving. Many of the people who are with the law say that people are not able to multitask small things, much less drive a car along with doing other things, including cell phone usage. A cell phone occupies one hand, or occupies some of your attention, or hinders your vision as you are looking at it or cocking your head to lock it in place in your shoulder. These people feel that the drivers who are using cell phones are dangerous on the road. Many innocent lives have been taken due to a driver being distracted on their cell phones.

The people who are against law think that many other things that people do in the car are also a distraction such as drinking, eating, tuning the radio, etc. People have and are doing many things while driving including smoking, shaving, applying makeup, reading a newspaper, etc, and sometimes even simultaneously. They feel that cell phone usage is not the only and certainly not the least distracting thing a driver can be doing, but all the other actions are still legal while cell phone usage is banned. The people feel that passing a law to ban cell phone usage will not stop the problem since there are many more things that can be just as distracting as a cell phone.

Personally, I think it was a good idea to ban the usage of cell phones while on the road. I’ve seen many cars just run through stop signs while I’m almost about to cross, and even a bus driver who missed my stop because he was too busy talking on the phone. Cell phones are definitely not the only thing that can distract a person while driving, but it is one of the most common since people will want to continue a conversation or take an important call either from work or from home. This is one step in the right direction of preventing some of the accidents that can happen on the road.


~ by shao4 on April 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cell Phone Use While Driving”

  1. I agree that this is an increasing issue. I feel it is just at the beginning of the issue still because of the constant technological advancements of cell phones. Instead of just being able to produce calls they now can do almost anything from sending messages, emails, surf the web, play music, and even GPS. All of these things are now being combined into the one device and causing a larger distractions. I feel that this is part of the problem because their are more things that can take control of ones attention. I also feel that people who do not have built in GPS are beginning to rely on their phone for these directions or information which is an issue in itself. The original location that manufacturers choose for the in car GPS is in a place that will not be distracting and within sight but now these smart phones are taking the place and are not in convenient locations. These are some more issues that are emerging from these phones and therefore I feel that there will be more policies in the future regarding phones.

  2. We also need to consider the new functions performed by smartphones that make them even more dangerous to use while driving. We can now look up information online and use mapping applications through our phones, which will encourage people to be distracted by this information rather than watching the road. I believe that the law banning use of phones while driving is a smart idea, because people should be using headsets to make phone calls while they are on the road. In addition, if you have a smartphone that is used for obtaining GIS data while driving, you should have a mount to put it on your dashboard like we do with GPS systems now. Until these accessories become more widely available, however, we still have danger to consider, and that is why the law exists.

    I disagree with people who think that other distractions justify not having a law against cell phone use on the road. Sure, there are other things that can cause you to drive unsafely, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t control the most obvious ones that we can. Maybe one day we will have straws that hang down like a beer helmet so you don’t have to pick up your drink and risk spilling it, which is dangerous. That would be cool, and it would improve driving conditions. There are a lot of solutions for driving distractions, and this law is just one of many.

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