3-D Laser Mapping

Navteq 3-D Laser Mapping

Right now Navteq is beginning to collect data to create detailed 3-D models and maps of the US. This new device uses it’s 64 lasers to create 3D maps by using data points. The lasers can capture about 1.5million points per second and can catch it as far as 150 meters away and even works at high speeds, such as on the highway. These people are hoping to give people on foot and cars a better understanding of the graphical area. The 3D mapping not only tells you where you are, but also tells you slope as well as the road curvature. This may help people when they are looking at online maps, or even just help people who are already there if they need to know something about how steep a certain part of the road is.


~ by shao4 on May 7, 2010.

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