Flight Simulation

The flight simulation lab consisted of what was suppose to be in the cockpit of a plane, along with room for the pilot and co pilot. The image was projected onto 3 screens that were slightly tilted to make it look more realistic. One way this simulator can be used is to test the reflexes of pilots or how they control the plane under pressure or in specific situations. The plane alerts the pilot when it is in danger and the pilot will be able to respond to it. This is much easier and safer then letting them onto a real plane and trying to get the same test done. It offers an almost realistic experience of piloting a plane.

I’ve had another flight simulator experience in the past before, but this one definitely had a lot more to offer. First off was the screen. I did it on a computer, which is far different from it being projected on 3 screens. Flying was pretty much the same thing, just with a lot more buttons and options. The copilot was different as well, it was odd to have someone try and pilot the plane in a different direction than I wanted it to go.


~ by shao4 on March 19, 2010.

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