Costco Stores in IL, IN, and OH

Costco Stores in IL, IN and OH

I decided to map out the location of all the Costco stores within 3 states, IL, IN, and OH. This map shows the locations of all of the Costco states within the 3 states. It seems that all of the stores within IL are concetrated in 1 area, while the few in IN and OH are either by themselves or clumped with 1 or more stores. There wasn’t much problem getting the addresses and mapping them with the website.

Geocoding seems like it can be very useful for many big companies. These companies would be able to map their store locations to see if they need another store in a barren area, or if the stores they have are too close together and need to be spread out more. By using this, companies would be able to expand their stores and businesses far and wide, trying to cover as much area as possible so that people are able to have access to the stores when needed. Similarly, it can be used to place firetrucks and hospitals where there are none or in places where people are far away from the closest one so that in case of an emergency, they are able to reach those people in need of help.


~ by shao4 on March 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Costco Stores in IL, IN, and OH”

  1. To decide the location of business, geocoding should be very useful as you said. I am agree with your point “companies would be able to expand their stores and businesses far and wide”. But, besides the distribution of stores, when decide a location of business, they should consider the customers. That is why there have lots of stores in one place.

  2. These types of analysis are very useful as you said for businesses but an even more useful tool is the use of GIS with this type of data. As we have learned in class one of the main features of GIS is the use of layers so one dataset for a company could be the population density for given locations and then another layer could be current locations of your company locations then another layer of competition locations. These layers can then be manipulated with buffer zones and find the specific locations. Very useful and interesting when there are more layers analyzed.

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