Haiti Earthquake Maps

Yahoo News

BBC News

These 2 maps both show the devastation of the Haiti earthquake.  While they map show the same thing, each displays different information about the earthquake as well as having different ways of presenting it.

The yahoo map tells of the damage the earthquake has done and provides a simple satellite image of the area damaged most by the earthquake. The map is very simple yet effective for those who want to see firsthand how much damage is earthquake has done. The lacking aspect of this map is that it provides nothing else. It only shows a portion of the area, so people who are not familiar with it wouldn’t even know where in Haiti that is, much less where Haiti was in the world. This map would be better if it had included either a larger image, or a smaller image of the entire country of Haiti so users are able to locate Haiti on their mental map or at least have an idea where it is.

The BBC map on the other hand, shows a lot more of the area, while providing a small image of the entire Haiti in order to show where this enlarged map is. This map is mainly to show the help that is being provided in Haiti right now and where the sites are. It also has a devastation chart, where is assess the damage in the surrounding areas as well as where the earthquake hit the hardest. There is also a missing person’s legend, showing the places with the most amount of people missing and the places with the least.  This map is very useful to people who want to see what is actually happening in Haiti as well as the damage done by the earthquake. The only thing that can be improved would be a close up of the area that was damaged the most by the earthquake so that the people who are looking at this map would be able to see exactly what the difference was between the red and yellow areas of damage on the map, because from this far, every area looks almost the same and the differences aren’t evident or can’t be seen.


~ by shao4 on February 5, 2010.

One Response to “Haiti Earthquake Maps”

  1. I agree with your opinion about the two maps. The yahoo does not show much from the map they provided on your link. Rather it just looks more like a mere picture. Or maybe their intention was just to put it as an example portion of what NASA did, but not showing it as a map that might provide any further information.
    And in the contrast, BBC shows very impressive amount of information on that page, starting from the actual pictures that shows what happened there, geographical aspect of how it happened, how borad the casualties, etc. It actually made me realize how severe the earthquake was(from the pictures of before/after of buildings, marked on the map)
    I guess the difference in those two maps comes from the fact that BBC is a professional news channel, and yahoo news is just one of the general services that yahoo provides.

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