Place I would love to visit and a Place I wouldn’t

Shibuya, Tokyo – Japan

The first thing I noticed about the map was that there was very little green. The city is packed with streets and buildings, barely giving any space for nature, although I did notice a couple of parks which allowed people to camp. The streets are crowded with an overload of people walking this way and that, trying to reach their favorite malls or just to eat.  Even without the close up views of the streets, a crowd of people can still be seen walking across the crossings in Shibuya. Shibuya is mostly what I thought it’d be, but there are a lot more people than I expected. I absolutely love how the city looks at night when all of the lights in each of the buildings comes on. I’ve seen really great night life in cities since I lived in China and I’ve also visited New York City and Las Vegas, but the night life here really catches my eye just due to the amount of people, stores, and lights that are active at night. Another thing I noticed was that there were rooftop soccer fields, which just blow my mind as far as I’m concerned, because that would be incredibly fun to play soccer with an incredible view of the city below.

Kulusuk, Greenland

This is one of the places I would not like to go just because of how cold it would get there. I would imagine it being very, very cold there and I don’t deal well with the cold. I thought there would just be fields of snow, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The snow is on top of the mountains, making the view there incredibly beautiful. They also live in small colored houses, which I had not expected at all.  The place does look really small because of the population, but the surroundings make up for what it lacks.

I learned quite a bit from using google earth. With it, I am able to get a full birds eye view as well as some street views of the places I want to learn more about. While google earth does have a lot of detail, thing may change due to what happens, so there’s no telling if a certain building is in a certain place at this moment. Google earth does provide a close reality, but it is just a moment in the past, and since then something might have changed without it being updated and no one would know if they looked at it.

While google earth can be used for fun, there are many other uses for it. For example, since we can see into many other countries, it can be used to plan out attacks in wars with the information available. The government would be able to spy on certain areas, which means people would lose their privacy as well. This may cause distress in certain people and not affect others. It could be a huge change in society if people start to become aware of the fact they can be seen every moment of the day, or if the government decides to spy or check up on certain areas, but in general that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


~ by shao4 on January 29, 2010.

One Response to “Place I would love to visit and a Place I wouldn’t”

  1. I met the problem the certain thing is not in a certain place when you want to find it. Last year, I went to Ningbo to enjoy my vacation. I wanted to visit a temple which is far from the downtown, so I have to change the bus. But when I arrive at the place where should have a bus station showed in the Google Earth, there was nothing over here. In the end, I walked 2 hours along a highway, found the bus finally. I think the engineers working for Google Earth should try to find an easy and cheaper way to make the detail more accurate and change the data rapidly, especially in the developing country which always change.

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