Uiuc Maps

Top 10 places in Uiuc

Uiuc map 1

Uiuc map 2

These 3 maps are all similar in that they display the University of Illinois, but there are many differences. The Top 10 map shows more detail than any of the other maps, mainly showing everything from a satellite point of view. The other 2 maps are all flat and only show just boxes for buildings. The first map is meant to be more detailed because it is from a satellite point of view, and the other 2 are mostly used for getting around campus, which is why there is very little detail to those maps, and everything is in shapes. The first and second map are similar because they both show only a couple things, mainly the most important things depending on the mapmaker’s point of view. The first one has the top 10 places, and the second one has some of the bigger and more important buildings. The third one however has a different letter and number for each building. This is mainly to label each building without taking up too much space to put the name in. The third one shows everything just like in the first map, but it’s different because it again is not as detailed, and it only gives a general idea of the campus.


~ by shao4 on January 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Uiuc Maps”

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve had bubble tea, but your map reminded me of Evo’s cafe.

  2. Your map of UIUC’s campus had a lot in common w/ mine! I thought it was important to put the Illini Union, Alma Mater, Undergrad Library & Krannert as well! It makes sense though, seeing as they are some of the most well-known buildings on campus. Also, the maps you compared your map to were very similar to one of the maps I chose to compare my map to- I thought that was pretty nifty!

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